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We are LIVE on the AIR 11:05 Mtn. Time !!! Click a Pic and Listen!

Join us Live at 10am PST August 23  2014 talk

 The Collector Club Wines of Banfi Estate

Wines we are opening


San Angelo Pinot Grigio,




Rosso di Montalcino 



Our Guests Today…

Banfi Estates own Jerry English

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Gene Tang 1515 Restaurant

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Metro State Univ, Denver Prof. Michael Wray

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The Moshin Vineyards Wine Cruise

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Spring Hill Suites Denver

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 Banfi Collectors Club Wine Dinner Sept 29 2104 at 1515 Restaurant. 

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The Collectors Club

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Keith and Kimberly will be opening the Following wines tomorrow Live on Air..

Enjoying Italy! Each Link Below will take you to that wines Web Page

San Angelo Pinot Grigio,


Rosso di Montalcino 


Join us tomorrow (August 23), right here at 1pm EST, 10am PST.

Live acrosss the Country Via iHeart Radio

Going to be a Great Show !





Colby Red Wine

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Keith and Kimberly welcome Daryl and Colby Groom

Enjoy the Show (part 3 of 4)


Colby Groom…


Colby Groom was barely 12-years old when he came to his father with the idea to make his own wine. His vision was to donate the proceeds to charities colby red winesthat promote heart health and that is exactly what he has done.

Colby and his father, winemaker Daryl Groom, started their venture in 2010 creating a California red blend under the name ‘Colby Red Wine.’ The name was inspired by Colby’s own struggle with congenital heart disease that led him to two open-heart surgeries before the age of 10.

Now, as Colby gets ready to enter high school, he has grown Colby Red Wine raising over $350,000 in wine sales to companies both locally and nationwide, raising another $3 million through charity events and media tours.

Colby was born with a hole in his heart that healed over as a young child but left him with a bi-cusp aortic valve meaning two of his valves were fused together. Colby had to undergo surgery for the first time at age eight.  Please visit for more information and how you can help.


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Telluride Truffles

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Keith and Kimberly welcome Patty Denny back to the Show !

Enjoy the Show (part 2 of 4)


Telluride Truffle Chocolates

Telluride Truffle chocolates are freshly handmade from Belgian chocolate, Colorado organic cream, fine liquors, natural flavors and absolutely no preservatives. The triangular shape echoes the mountains in which we love to ski, play or just gaze at.

The truffles are named after our favorite past times like powder day and first tracks or the mountains themselves such as snow capped and rocky top. As you bite into a Telluride Truffle, you may be transported into the heavenly state inspired by the mountains of Colorado. Made in the town where some of the tallest peaks reside – Telluride.

Telluride Truffle chocolates LOVE to party! telluride

Custom Chocolate Truffles for weddings, parties and special occasions. Truffles made with Belgian chocolate, organic whole cream and fine liquors. Special event truffles are packaged in the traditional black box with label or in a shiny triangular white box with ribbons.

Truffles are packaged in boxes of one, two, three or seven. You choose the ribbon that correlates with the colors of your event. We have done everything from custom flavors, custom decoration on truffles or custom tissue paper inside the boxes to name only a few. We also provide cards inside each box stating the truffles have been packaged specially for your event.

Give us a call at our toll free number 1-866-543-0108 or Email us and tell us what you have in mind. We’re always interested to hear about what we can do for your event.



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This Week’s Wine Review

“Reductive Strength”
Is it the terroir or the winemaker that most influences Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley?

I have asked that question many times as I purview the lineup of Russian River Pinot Noir’s that I endeavor to review. The birthplace and historical nature of the Burgundian clone is unmistakably rooted in Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, yet the varietal seems to be intent on trifling with my palate. I have tasted enough wine from the region to know the difference between a Pinot Noir from Burgundy and one from the Russian River Valley. There is no mistaking a RRV Pinot Noir. Just as there is no mistaking a Côte de Beaune Pinot Noir. I will concede to having mistaken a Gamay for a Pinot Noir in a blind tasting. But then, DNA analysis reveals that Gamay is a member of the family of Burgundian grapes spawned by Pinot Noir (

Such was the case when I tasted the Emeritus Pinot Noir for the first time. The mood was that of reveling with a group of friends while taking in the emeritus_11_hallberg_pinotspectacular view at the Garden of the Gods Club with my BFF Jane. A newcomer to the group offered me a taste of his wine and I was immediately impressed with his palate. Knowing I had just tasted a Pinot Noir, I asked to see the label. Evening had settled in and the low lighting made the label difficult to read so I sipped the wine and made a mental note to get my hands on a bottle of that Burgundian Pinot Noir.

That was what I had on my mind the last time I met Jane at the GOG Club for half priced bottle of wine night. With my mind set, I went straight to the Pinot Noir section of wine menu and looked for the Emeritus. The list price was $65 but since it was half price I was okay with the selection. I wanted to be sure however that I was making a good purchase so I looked up the wine on my app and saw that most retailers offered it at $42 so I knew I was getting a good deal at $32.50. The server uncorked the wine and my friends watched as I swirled and sniffed and swirled and sniffed. The theatrics wore off after my third swirl so they went back to their girl chatter. I took a taste and settled into the patio chair as I engaged my thoughts on what region of Côte d’Or this Burgundy was from. I reached for the bottle and was taken aback by surprise. The day was waning but the sun still set high enough overhead to see clearly the print on the bottle EMERITUS HALLBERG RANCH RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY.

I was floored! Suddenly I saw my future as a wine writer flushed down the mountain with the next torrential rainstorm. How had I mistaken the region of this wine?

I could pontificate on how the aromatic potpourri of fruit and field enthralled my senses. I could invite your intrigue and whet your appetite by the sweet ripe field berries mingled with cherries and the slight hint of river rock that washed over my palate with a delicate balance of fruit, tannin, acid and alcohol. But, this was a project and as delicious as it was, I was after it’s residual strength. I corked the bottle and patiently waited until the next evening to reopen it and taste again. This time I grabbed the bottle from the wine fridge and pulled a Riedel Burgundy Grand Cru Pinot Noir glass off the rack and headed out to my patio to enjoy the evening and give myself ample time and space to dissect the aromatics and the taste. Again, my upmost goal was to determine if this wine had staying power.

Giving the bottle time to settle into the temperate evening air, I popped the plug and poured my first taste. Using my iPad I typed as I tasted.

“This wine has a briny scent that almost stings my nostrils. It has plum and cherry aromatics mingled with a potpourri of field flowers, prominent with lavender. I almost get a hint of barnyard. I am tempted to rush to the taste to feel the delicate ruby liquid on my tongue. By the time it hits the tip of my tongue all thoughts of earth and barnyard are diminished by delicious tangy plums and cherries. I swallow without spitting because I need to have a least one full taste before I test for the acid and tannin. As the last hint of the wine glides down my throat I imagine the ripest strawberry has just deposited itself in my mouth and lingers on the back of my tongue.

One more taste and this time I spit. I imagine that I have just graced a balance beam and done a triple summersault as I plant both feet on the mat and raise my hands in delight of my accomplishment, scoring 92 points. I am assured that this wine will trophy my library for at least a decade. The tannins are equally matched by the acid that makes my whole tongue salivate. I’m thirsty, and that’s what I should be with a big Pinot of this caliber. There is just the right amount of warmth on the cleft of my soft palate to tell me that the alcohol is not too high but high enough to entice me for one more taste. I could court this wine for the rest of my life and expect the romance to never end. Alas, my desire is too strong and I drink the remainder of the bottle.”

I am far to humble to suggest that I should compare the great Pinot Noir’s of the Russian River Valley: C. Donatiello, Moshin Vineyards, Gary Farrell, William Selyem, Dumol, Emeritus and Della (just to name a few). I am however intrigued by the uniqueness of the winemaker who passionately and delicately puts Russian River Valley Pinot Noir into a bottle for us to enjoy. For that reason, I will continue to publish my findings on their residual strength. So, RRV winemakers, bring it on!

The Ability to Enjoy a Glass of Wine from the Same Bottle the Next Day…That’s Reductive Strength
By Kimberly Faye


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Healthy Hearts, Wine and Chocolate

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Keith and Kimberly welcome Patty, Logan, Colby and Daryl

Enjoy the Show (part 1 of 4)


Telluride Truffles

Telluride Truffle® began in November, 1997. Well actually, that is when the first truffle was sold. For 6 months before that I was testing different flavorings and giving them to my roommate to judge. She was about 5’6 and 100 pounds and had an unbelievable ability to eat 10 truffles at one sitting. Of course she was a raving lunatic after eating that many – sugar buzz and all, so I don’t recommend doing that … ever. But she was great to have around when you wanted feedback.

The idea for Telluride Truffle® began way before that – when I was the assistant pastry chef at a 4 star hotel in Telluride. The pastry chef at the time (a mad man with a sweet heart) taught me how to make truffles or his rendition of them. Later, after leaving that profession to become one of the managers of a ski school, I would whip up truffles flavored with Jack Daniel’s to take to pot lucks (a favorite past time of locals here.) My friends raved about them and told me to start selling them, but since they were friends – I thought they were greatly biased. Read more at 


Colby Red

Colby Groom is now 16 years of age. Just prior to his 10th birthday he underwent back to back open heart surgeries. He is now a seasoned volunteer with the American Heart Association and was inspired to raise money for heart research through creating a wine with his Dad, notable winemaker Daryl Groom and Colby Red was born. Colby Red is a flavorful California cuvee of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot & Petite Sirah.  Visit 


Ask your Local Retailer for the wines of Marchesi Torrigiani


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Force Majeure

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Keith and Kimberly speak with Paul Mcbride of Force Majeure Vineyards

Enjoy the Show !


Force Majeure holds estate vineyards in Washington state’s Red Mountain AVA. The vineyards include Force Majeure Vineyard (12 acres) and Parabellum vineyard (20 acres). Force Majeure Vineyard is located on a hillside and rises in elevation from 950 to 1230 feet, and includes 9 distinct soil types. The soils are diverse and well-drained, ranging from sandy loam, to concreted ash to rocky basalt deposits. A second vineyard, called “Parabellum’, was acquired recently and is under development. Varietals grown include Cabernet Sauvignon,Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. Due to the Force-Majeurediversity of the soils in the vineyard, vine aspect, exposure and other factors, Force Majeure employs a diverse set of vine training systems, varietals and clonal selections, thus creating many “micro blocks”. The vineyards are oriented to the southwest and thus receive optimum afternoon sun exposure for ripening. Force Majeure Vineyard is considered to be one of Washington’s “most compelling (vineyard) sites”.

The term “Force Majeure” describes the relentless, powerful elements of Nature that form the terroir of our vineyards. It also identifies the “unstoppable force” initiated when the highest level of viticulture is combined with the highest level of winemaking talent. As of 2014, our wines are being made by esteemed winemaker, Todd Alexander, former winemaker at famous cult winery Bryant Family Vineyard on Pritchard Hill in the Napa Valley. Our goal is to present a portfolio of wines that are among the very finest in the world.

Our rare, vineyard-designated wines are created in extremely limited quantities and are only available via mailing list, as well as a few select retailers and finer restaurants. We invite you to add your name to our mailing list to receive a wine allocation offer. Wines are released twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. Click here to join our mailing list.


Ask for the Wines of Banfi at your Local Retailer

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