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Monday, July 13, 2015 this website will expire…

Wine Life Radio is heading in a new direction. For that reason we will not air on Real Talk 760 at the normal time. Stay tuned! We are going places!!!




Winemaker Janet Myers

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Wine Life Radio welcomes Franciscan Winemaker Janet Myers

Enjoy the Show (parts 3 and 4)


 Franciscan Wine Estate


Character doesn’t happen overnight. Neither does building a world-class winery. Franciscan Estate has had its roots Franciscan-Estate-NonVintage-Magnificat-Meritage-Label-Frontdeeply embedded in the soil of Napa Valley for over 35 years. Founded in 1972, and purchased in 1975 by industry revolutionaries Justin Meyer and Raymond Duncan, Franciscan Estate’s rich history was born out of a strong devotion to small-lot winemaking and a pioneering spirit. These ideals have been a hallmark for who we are and guide us as we continue to craft world-class Napa Valley wines.

Our home estate is located in Oakville, right in the heart of the Napa Valley. Our 240-acre parcel of prized land features loamy, gravely, well-draining soil which adds great structure to our wines. Our location in the center of the Napa Valley allows our Bordeaux varietals to enjoy the cooling marine influences while still receiving plenty of sun and heat. When you combine our location with dry-farming techniques, the vines produce smaller, concentrated fruit, which builds wine of good structure, body, and texture. This optimal blend gives our fruit the ability to maintain its vibrancy and ripen to its full potential.

With this unique balance of terroir and climate we knew Oakville was the ideal place to start our legacy; this was confirmed in 1975 when the very first vintage of our Napa Valley Cabernet was released. The results spoke for themselves – this was a distinctive wine of character and place. It was the first vintage to be released that included fruit from the Oakville estate. This was prior to our esteemed neighbors Opus One, Swanson, Silver Oak, and Groth. Oakville had officially landed on the map as a powerhouse district for Napa Valley Reds and Franciscan Estate had helped blaze the trail to make it happen.

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Franciscan Estate

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Wine Life Radio welcomes Winemaker Janet Myers

Enjoy the Show (parts 1 and 2)

Also guests from the Durango Wine Experiencefestival

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Franciscan Wine Estate

For over 35 years there has been a select group of winemakers in the Napa Valley who have been pioneering the craft of fine wine-making. One of the founding members of this lineage established pristine vineyards in Oakville, and focused on the meticulous franciscan-estate-logo1principles of small-lot wine-making and his unwavering pursuit to capture the supreme expression of the land. Franciscan Estate was established in 1973 and began producing wines of true character from our Oakville estate in 1975. At Franciscan Estate, we only use grapes of the highest quality worthy to bear the Franciscan Estate crest. We strive to create wines of the highest character and excellence in every vintage. This is what devotion to wines of true character is all about. It is in every bottle and embodied in our crest that has been a sign of excellence on our wines for over 20 years.

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