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Keith and Kimberly welcome Payam, owner and founder of Silk Road Soda.

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Silk Road Soda Makes Top Trends of 2014

February 4, 2014

By Silk Road Soda

Wow! What a whirlwind of a trip we had going down to San Francisco to the 2014 Winter Fancy Food show last month. We had high expectations for the event, and they were definitely met! In fact, I’d say they were blown right out of the water, and we are so incredibly grateful for the recognition and positive feedback received for our Silk Road Sodas, and for all the new friends we’ve made along the way.

We even made the list of top 2014 specialty food trends unveiled at Winter Fancy Food Show! A group of food journalists and cookbook authors spent Silk-Road-Soda-athree days scouring the more than 1,300 exhibit booths, searching for the best of the best, to identify the leading food and beverage trends at the show, and the result was the top trends list. Mint was big this year, but of course, we already knew that *:)

The after-burn continued the excitement, as food bloggers and journalists took to their keyboards to give Silk Road Soda a shout out. A couple notable mentions were fromOMG!YummyTrendmonitorSF Gate, and Cooking With Amy. Thanks to all of you for your interest and support in sharing our cherished family recipes with the world.

Spring of 2014 is shaping up to be a busy one, and we’ll be keeping you posted as we move through these busy months. A big thanks to friends, family, retail shops, restaurants & most important, Silk Roaders – your inquisitive and discerning palates will keep us pushing for better, fresher, and cleaner refreshers – always!  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and pin us on Pinterest!


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Catalonia Wine Fest

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OK this is a post from another source.. and yes we are placing a link here to give credit as we are supposed to do…OK whatever !!! (that’s the ME ME ME syndrome and a different article or post). OK i (Keith Miller) am not really posting this because of the article… now go ahead and click the link. 

The Picture…Can you pick a worse picture ???

Now The Article

Catalonia Wine Fest

Back in 1986 when José and Gloria Ferrer opened a winery in the windswept hills south of Sonoma, Spain’s paella dish and flamenco dance were as uncommon in the area as pinot noir.

Maybe 50 people showed up for the first Catalan Festival the Ferrer family held that year to feature the culture of their home region on the Iberian Peninsula and celebrate the winery’s opening on Arnold Drive.

“At the beginning, no one knew Catalan,” said Eva Bertran, who was an intern back then and is now vice president of marketing. “Now, people arrive wearing red shirts and Spanish soccer jerseys.” More than 1,200 people gathered Saturday and Sunday at the sprawling 250-acre winery in the Carneros wine region for the 22nd annual Catalan Festival.

Catalonia is a region in northeastern Spain where people speak Catalan, a language that evolved from Latin with influences from Spanish, French and Arabic. The Gloria Ferrer Winery event is a fundraiser for the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation. Last year, the winery donated $15,000 to the foundation, and this year Bertran said they hope to top that with proceeds brought in from $75 admission tickets and an auction of paintings, sports memorabilia and vacation packages.

On Sunday, the event drew fans of Ferrer’s signature sparkling wines including a group of labor and delivery nurses from Stanford Children’s Health hospital, a tight-knit group who can rarely share a day off together. Carleigh Burdine, 30, of San Mateo had helped deliver a 7-pound, 11-ounce girl hours before she was stomping grapes at the Catalan Festival Grape Stomp.

Burdine pointed to scrapes on her legs as proof of their determination to stomp the most juice out of the grapes, but they came up short. “We lost, even with all the preparation. I’ve been doing the bar method, running and hiking, I’m in good shape,” Burdine said.

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We are LIVE on the AIR !!! Click a Pic and Listen!

real talk


 We have two guests on the Show Today…

Join us Live at 10am pst July 19 2014

Valeta Massey, Owner / Winemaker at Clos de la Tech Vineyards

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Todd Roessler of Concha Y Toro








Ask Your Local Wine Shop for Concha Y Toro

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Sponsors of Wine Life Radio


Clos de la Tech Labeling

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Keith and Kimberly are looking forward to tomorrows show… Wine and high Tech ?

Join us Live at 10am pst July 19 2014

Our guest will be Valeta Massey, Owner / Winemaker at Clos de la Tech Vineyards

In the semiconductor business and in the business of making Pinot Noir, “Everything matters!” is our motto. And that holds true right down to the smallest detail of putting labels on our bottles. We start with filled bottles that have been aging for at least two years. These are called “shiners” because they come to the labeling line meticulously cleaned and polished. Every 20 or so bottles, we measure to be sure the front and back labels are exactly the same distance apart around the bottle. Millimeters make a difference!

Bloomberg West TV’s Editor-at-large Cory Johnson reports on T. J. Rodgers’ revolutionary fermentation technology at the Clos de la Tech winery and UC Davis’ wine program.


wine festivals and wine

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Keith and Kimberly, 4th of July, McIntyre Vineyards, BBAC

Enjoy the Full Show




Wikipedia Wine Festival Description: Annual wine festivals celebrate viticulture and usually occur after the harvest of the grapes which mainly is at the end of September until well into October. They are common in most wine regions around the world and are to be considered in the tradition of other harvest festivals. The oldest known cultivation of wine took place in the ancient Egypt. The knowledge was passed on from there along the mediterreanen sea where over the nowaday territories of IsraelTurkeyGreece it reached Etruria and Rome. Although already the Egyptians god Osiris was dedicated to wine the oldest historically documented wine festivals can be traced back to the Greek celebrations for their wine god Dionysos. Until the very day drinking wine in company is the center of all wine festivals. It usually goes along with regional foods and music.

​​​​​​​Steve McIntyre intimately understands what makes the Santa Lucia Highlands a unique treasure in the world of fine wine.  Being that rare combination
of winegrower and winemaker, Steve earned degrees in both viticulture and enology, graduating from CSU Fresno with a Masters in Enology. He put both disciplines into practice here long before the place, in no small part due to his efforts, became known to wine lovers and critics the world over. Steve knows this collection of storied vineyards like no other. After years as a winemaker at Smith & Hook, a neighboring winery in the Highlands, he purchased an adjacent 80-acre vineyard parcel in 1987 that would eventually became McIntyre Vineyards, producing wine under his family name.

BBAC-Broken Brain Achievers Club: Are a survivor of a brain injury or a service professional in the field of brain injury? If so, this group is especially designed to meet your needs! BECOME AN ACHIEVER TODAY! It’s FREE to join!!! BBAC offers a wide variety of opportunities. Let’s look first at what joining BBAC does for brain injury survivors:


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Sponsor of Wine Life Radio




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Keith and Kimberly discuss Broken Brain Achievers Club

Enjoy the Show (part 4)

BBAC-Broken Brain Achievers Club

Are a survivor of a brain injury or a service professional in the field of brain injury? If so, this group is especially designed to meet your needs! BECOME AN ACHIEVER TODAY! It’s FREE to join!!!

BBAC offers a wide variety of opportunities. Let’s look first at what joining BBAC does for brain injury survivors:

  1. BBAC is a club where you meet other people who, like you, have a new perspective on life. Not all brain injuries are alike but all people with brain injury share a special commonality.
  2. BBAC offers activities that enhance your life – doing things with friends who you relate with (Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping. Cultural events such as dining out and art exhibits. Book clubs; reading and sharing books about brain injury. Educational and Inspirational events such as conferences and workshops. Fitness including physical, nutritional and spiritual eval’s and referrals.) BBAC offers awareness by connecting you with support groups and specialists in the field of brain injury.
  3. BBAC wants to help you succeed at your dreams and goals. We offer Mastermind Mentoring – a six week roundtable discussion group led by a Service Professional who will help you find your purpose, define your passion, and commit to making your dream a reality.



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Sponsor of Wine Life Radio

Jimmy V.

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