Wines of Washington State

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Wineguys TV (part 1 of 2): Cole Sisson recently sat down with William Davis at Divino Wine and Spirits to talk everything  Hestia Cellars. Tasting Notes on the Chenin Blanc: A beautiful medium body Chenin blanc with melon, nectarine, and soft honey notes.  Dry and crisp with generous acidity, the wine flows with striking notes of citrus and grapefruit. Balanced from start to finish, a refreshing aperitif, and perfect accompaniment to shellfish and garden vegetables.. Tasting Notes on the Merlot: A touch of fennel with bright black cherry leads into a lively burst of red raspberry. This well balanced wine finishes with soft notes of cedar, violet, and spice.  A classic Washington State Merlot, enjoyable on its own and with a wide array of food. Please visit our host at and  the Winery at

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