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Ross Wessermann ( calls in from New York to talk everything Loire. Since we love the Loire we thought it would be great idea for him to chat about this area in France that produces Grade A Wine ! Knowledge is power correct?  Listen in…

Food and Wine of the Loire: Dry and off-dry Vouvray pair beautifully with the slight sweetness of scallops and lobster. Intense, pungent Savennières, is excellent with a wide range of fresh and smoked fish, as well as with white meats such as veal or sweatbreads. Chinon, Bourgueil, St Nicolas de Bourgueil and Saumur Champigny flatter any grilled or roasted meat. The richer wines are especially well suited to roast leg of lamb, and the lighter ones, slightly chilled, are ideal wines for a summer barbecue. They are also excellent wines for Thanksgiving dinner. The appellations of Anjou, Saumur and Touraine produce a wide variety of wines for everyday drinking. Whether red, white or rosé, there are few better wines to buy in quantity for everyday use. Please visit Ross and learn a whole lot more at


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