Frontera Pinot Noir

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Wine Life Radio welcomes Todd Ressler

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Keith and Kimberly welcome Todd Ressler to the show ( and we also welcome Earth Day… oh and let’s not forget Baxter (our four legged friend)! Let’s talk wine!  Not many $6 Pinot Noirs out on the shelves but we have one on the show today and we suggest that you go out and buy 5 cases. It is a wine to have around for all types of occasions. We give the Frontera Pinot Noir a “Best Buy”  Ask your local retailer!

Frontera 100%  (Tech Info)

  • RegionSouthern Region
  • Vineyards Southern Region, Chile. Alluvial and colluvial soils.
  • Winemaking Traditional fermentation of the grapes on the skins before blending is followed by four months of aging in stainless steel tanks before bottling.
  • Tasting Notes Youthful, bright ruby red in color, with garnet hues. Fresh and fruity on the nose, with notes of red fruits such as cherries and strawberries. Soft texture and light to medium-bodied on the palate, with youthful fruit flavor, bright acidity, and a lingering finish.
  • Food Pairing Frontera Pinot Noir is an ideal partner for fresh and aged cheeses, white meat dishes and grilled fish.
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Sponsors of Wine Life Radio

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