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Beer and Wine Show

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Wineguys Radio and the Beer Guys!

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You all know us here at Wineguys Radio. Let us introduce you too AM 760′s John Turk and Oskar Blues’ Chris Katechis – a.k.a.The Gubna (the Colorado Craft Beer Show) – team up to take you around Colorado in craft beer. Guest interviews, brewery profiles, brew news you can use and a weekly update on the craft beer scene in CO. Live on AM 760 in Denver on Saturday’s between 12 and 1 pm. Also get the iheartradio app on your smartphone and listen anywhere in the world.

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The Somm

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Wineguys Radio and the Movies

On the After show we discuss “the Somm.” 

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Iron Horse

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Wineguys Radio and Joy Sterling

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Keith and William welcome Joy Sterling to the show. Iron Horse is truly a family affair. Audrey and Barry’s daughter Joy Sterling is the CEO and lives at the foot of the vineyard. The Sterlings’ son Laurence, his wife Terry and their children moved to Iron Horse in 1990 and built their home on the far southwest corner of the property. Laurence is Director of Operations. Audrey and Barry are retired, but still reside at the heart of the estate in the original Victorian built in 1876. Forrest Tancer retired in 2005. The name Iron Horse came from a train that stopped at Ross Station at the turn of the 20th Century. The logo, the rampant horse on a weathervane, came from an actual weathervane that was unearthed when they were leveling the ground to build the winery.

The winery is proud to offer eight bubbles, five Chardonnays, one roses, and three Pinot Noirs. Each is both delicious and distinctive in its own category. Most wineries make one or two great wines and the others being side efforts, but Iron Horse is remarkable for its quality and class across the board. Please visit them at http://www.ironhorsevineyards.com/

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Wine Importers

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Wineguys Radio and the Importer

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Generally speaking, being an importer sounds about as sexy as being an accountant. In wine circles, however, importing is actually a very glamorous pursuit—nearly as exalted as winemaking itself. That’s because importers have played a central, even defining, role in the emergence and growth of American wine culture. Combining impeccable taste with evangelical zeal, people like Kermit Lynch, Robert Chadderdon, Robert Haas, and Terry Theise have not only introduced Americans to many of the greatest wines that Europe has to offer; they have helped cultivate several generations of palates. But the wine world has broadened dramatically in the decades since these importers started out; entire regions—entire countries—that produced mostly rotgut 20 years ago are now making respectable wines. Amid this global quality revolution, a number of newer importers are continuing the work started by Lynch, Chadderdon, and their generation and are scouring the Languedoc, Galicia, Sicily, Mendoza, and McLaren Vale for tomorrow’s star winemakers. The Slate Foreign Wine Cheat Sheet includes the best of the old guard and the new.

Read more at http://www.slate.com/articles/life/drink/2009/05/never_buy_a_bad_bottle_of_wine_again.html

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Vieux Telegraphe

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Wineguys Radio After Show and The Rhone

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Wine Importers

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Caveat Emptor…The Case For Wine Importers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Do you ever get overwhelmed with the sheer choice of wines and wine labels out there? I bet you do…but, here is the real question;

How do they get on the shelf in the first place?

The average wine shop has 1000 selections. Big stores offer between 5 and 6000 wines. Expletives come to mind when you think of the multitude. The fact is, if a store had all the wines on earth, it would look like the warehouse from the X-Files. How’s that for selection?

I am all about the freedom to choose. Technology and improved vino notwithstanding, not all wines are good. If you’re prepared to drink a bunch of poorly made hooch in hopes of finding some decent stuff, go for it. By the way, kissing frogs to catch Prince Charming works as well. Trust me. I’m a professional…

This is why we have wineries, importers, distributors, and shops. To filter the bile before it gets to the average consumer, at least in principle. Wineries make vino, importers decide if a market or country have interest in the product, the distributor dials it down to state or region, and then the retailer wades through the muck to pick those precious few.

This week, we talk about the importers’ role. Many started by design, a few by accident. One thing is certain; the great importers out there not only select the best wines and wineries, but also have the vision to affect the tastes and styles of generations of grapegrower and consumers alike. Big importers like Terlato, Kobrand, Banfi, Palm Bay, and Winebow alongside smaller names such as Kermit Lynch, Ordonez, Domaine Select, Wilson Daniels, Jeff Welburn, Terry Theise, and Kysela Pere et Fils. A consistent message and care often results in a more effective gauge for us grapeguzzlers. In short….

‘It is sometimes better to look at the back label instead of the front.’

William Davis

Qualia Harvest

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Wineguys Radio and Qualia

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Keith, William and Jordan Kivelstadt talk Sonoma County Harvest - “We will be about 25% harvested by the end of this week, with a good portion of white varieties in, and Pinot Noir coming in at full speed. Quality has been outstanding across the varieties, and the fruit is in excellent condition reflecting the perfect growing conditions we experienced this year.” —Nick Frey, President, Sonoma County Winegrowers.

About Sonoma County Vintners – Sonoma County Vintners (SCV) is the leading voice of Sonoma County wine, dedicated to raising awareness of Sonoma County as one of the world’s premier wine regions, noted for its heritage of artisan winemaking, distinct growing regions, and extraordinary quality. Founded in 1944, SCV represents more than 175 wineries of all sizes throughout the county. Learn more about SCV at http://www.SonomaWine.com.


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